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DMCA Compliance

The following describes the DMCA Compliance for our website.

We at are committed to responding to any alleged copyright violations, should they occur. Notice of any alleged violation should take the form proposed by the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act as revealed at


If any material infringes on the copyright of any offended party, we may remove the content from, prevent access to it, terminate or block access for those responsible for the content, and/or any other action deemed appropriate. We can also provide a details of the incident to documents and/or for the publication of third party websites, at our discretion.

No Legal Advice/No attorney-client relationship

If you feel that your rights were infringed, it may be a serious issue. The DMCA notice is solely designed to assist us as owners of websites, to stop and end any infringements of IP rights. It’s not an alternative to an expert legal counsel. Other recourses and actions like to take action against an internet service supplier (ISP) could be available. It is possible to seek legal advice immediately.


For your convenience and to speed resolution, notice of alleged infringement may be tendered to via email, using the email address and/or contact information provided on this website. We advise you that you could be responsible for any common law and statutory damages, along with legal costs and court costs when you lie about a declaration that you’re copyrighted were violated. Six-figure damages were previously awarded to victims of false complaints, therefore seeking help from a professional counsel is highly recommended.

If you are still wishing to claim copyright violation then you must submit the following information to speed the procedure:

Step 1. Determine in sufficient details the copyrighted piece that you think has been infringed and provide the URL of your protected copyrighted work the ISBN# or otherwise.STEP 2. Determine your URL for the page which you claim is infringing the copyrighted works listed in the first item above.

Step 3. Include contact information to your self (email address is preferable but a phone number is recommended).

Step 4. Give us enough information to enable us to inform the administrator or owner of the webpage that we believe is infringing or other content like an article on a forum or blog (email email address preferred).

5. Include the following sentence: “I have a good belief that the using the copyrighted material mentioned above as being allegedly infringing is not permitted by the owner of the copyright, its agent, or by the law.”

Step 6. Include the following sentence “I affirm, under the penalty of perjury the information contained in the notice is correct and I’m also the owner of the copyright or have the authority to take action on behalf of the owner of the exclusive right that has been allegedly violated.”

Step 7. Make sure you sign your confirmation electronically.


The person who represents the affected website or the provider of content may make a counter-notification in accordance with the sections 512(g)(2) (3) and (3) and (3) Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and therefore we could share or hyperlink on the contents in this instance.

To make it easier for you Counter notifications can be made via email by using an email address or contact details listed on this website. We caution you that you may be held accountable for all common law and statute damages, including legal costs and court costs when you lie about a claim that copyright rights of others are not violated.

If you are still planning to submit a counter-notice you must include the following information to accelerate the procedure:

1. Determine the URLs specific to the material as well as other unique details of the material we have disabled or removed access to.

Step 2. Enter the address of your residence, name and phone number and email along with a statement that states that you agree to the authority of Federal District Court for the district in which you reside and you agree to accept the service of process provided by the person who made the notification pursuant to the subsection (c)(1)(C) or the agent of such person.

3. In the third step, include the statement that reads: “I swear, under the penalty of perjury I am in good faith belief that each piece of content listed above was disabled or removed due to an error or misidentification the content to be disabled or removed or the material that the complainant identified was disabled or removed at the URL specified and will not be displayed.”

Step 4. Sign the affirmation digitally.


As with any of our administrative or legal page notices, the information of this page could and will alter in time. This page may appear different on the next time you visit. These changes are necessitated, and carried out by, in order to protect you and our website. If you are concerned about this website, make sure you keep checking back regularly as no notice of any changes to content will be given prior to or after the change is in effect.

Copyright Warning:

Legal notices and administrative pages of this site, including this one, were meticulously written with the help of an attorney. We at have paid to license the use of these legal notices and administrative pages on for your protection and ours. The information is not to be used in any manner without permission and any unauthorized usage is monitored by Copyscape to find violators.


If you have any questions about the contents of this page, or simply wish to reach us for any other reason, you may do so by following this link:

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