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Social Media Disclaimer

The following describes the Social Media Disclosure for our website.

Social Media Issue

We live in an interesting time when privacy rights are championed alongside an unprecedented voluntary willingness of people to share their most intimate and superfluous life details with the world, even in places such as our website. Although it appears to be harmless at first glance but the risk of uncontrolled public sharing of sensitive information is now beginning to show up.

The major social media players are facing legal action for illegal or inappropriate use or misuse of personal information. Inability to safeguard and inform is likely to be the main cause. Legal suits are filed to seek damages for statements that are believed to be responsible for someone’s suicide or death. Bloggers who believe they have the unfettered freedom to speak or a greater freedom granted to journalists have lost civil cases for defamation, slander the libel and other offenses.

As social media continues to advance to enable more technologically advanced and widespread diffusion, the consequences of revealing without limits is growing. Thus, a sober approach to the benefits of social media, while sidestepping the perils of imprudent disclosure, can facilitate an enjoyable online experience, without the consequences of excess, in settings such as our own website.

The presence and scope of Social Media

You should assume that social media is in use on our website. Simply clicking the button to endorse someone or product will create a profile of you, which is a must to ensure that it can be seen by others. When you try to share a website with someone else, whether it’s a the simple press of a button or via forwarding email via websites, you must think that it won’t be limited to the intended recipient and could produce details about you that could be seen by an unlimited number of individuals. Such a domino effect could initiate right here on our website.

Even a simple blog post could be the catalyst to trigger knee-jerk reactions that could be made public and might not accurately represent a view (at least in terms of strength or degree) that you may hold after more rational reflection. Also, you should be aware that access to an online site with username and password of another site, or using an international login to gain access to multiple websites can create an extensive record of your online activity and online habits which could reveal more details to third parties that you might think or would like to. Any or all of these features could exist on our website at one time or another.

These examples show possibilities of how social media could exist, but it’s not an exhaustive list . technological advancements will make this list out of date rapidly. The aim is to comprehend the power of social media and its extensive presence on sites in various types (including this one) and to develop an ethical approach to using it.

Helping Others

You must be aware that the information you share the social media channels like this website as well as other sites aren’t restricted only to you. These disclosures typically concern things that are affecting groups that will have an impact on others. Some disclosures are specifically about third parties, often without discretion. While something may seem funny in one instance could be tragic the next. A subtle “public” response can result in lasting consequences.

The ideal usage of social media in our website will limit your disclosures to issues that concern you not other people. If you’re unsure you should be leaning in the direction of non-disclosure. It’s doubtful the disclosure is so meaningful that it cannot be offset by the precaution of acting to protect the best interests of someone who is involuntarily being exposed by your decision to disclose something on our website (or another).

Security for Yourself

You should likewise pause to consider the long-term effects of a split-second decision to publicly share private information about yourself on our website. Thoughts, opinions, likes, preferences, dislikes, and other personal preferences can change. Being open about the views you have today could be in contradict your new opinions for the future. However your “new version of you” will always be a contrast against previous statements you made, which have been made a part of your profile. Although the content of your breakfast might not have any lasting impact, other information that are also easily shared could result in consequences that could hinder your ability to get specific jobs or hinder your the pursuit of other goals and experiences.

When sharing information about others, extreme caution is advised prior to sharing details about yourself. If you’re not sure it’s to be best not to divulge information. The benefits in the short-term is likely to easily be negated by the long-term effects. In addition, remember that we aren’t accountable for the removal of content after it has been posted, and might not be able to take action.

Restrictions on the Use of Social Media Data

You, as a visitor to our website, are not permitted to “mine” social media or other platforms contained herein for personal information related to others. Although some users have made public displays of data it is not appropriate to interpret that as if you have the rights to copy and reproduce this information. The usage of social media or related platforms that are available on our site are intended for interactive use only that is relevant to the web-based visit.

Acuracy Social Media Data

Since every Social Media platform relies upon content created by users, you must be aware of this when trying to verify the authenticity of what you are reading. We do not have the responsibility of confirming any user-generated content’s accuracy. The best practice policy is to consider the content solely as opinionand not as factual.

Potential Problems with Liability

Be aware of the fact that your actions can result in responsibility for harm to other people. While you are entitled to freedom of speech however, you do not have the right to harm the reputation of others. Based on the fundamental principles in tort law you’re always accountable, individually, in the event that:

1. You were required to take action, but didn’t (i.e. you were not required to perform a “duty or duty of care”)2. You were required to avoid performing, but was not (i.e. – slander, defamation, etc.)

These “sins of commission and omission” could result in problems for you, regardless of the fact that you claim you are operating business under the disguise of any business entity. Unlawful and illegal conduct, even whether it is done under the guise of a company or LLC it is still considered unconstitutional and illegal. Since it is not a part of the business plan to engage in unethical and illegal actions, you’re probably not performing any official role or, possibly using your position to cover up personal misconduct. It is recommended to consult with an authorized attorney if require legal advice regarding the (potential) implications of your circumstances or legal issues that arise from this site or another.


As with any of our administrative or legal page notices, the content of this page may be altered in time. Therefore, this page might be different from the time of your next visit. These changes are necessitated, and carried out by, in order to protect you and our website. Should this site be important for you, it is recommended to be sure to check it regularly since no notice of any changes to content will be given prior to or following the time the change is in effect.

Copyright Warning: 

Legal notices and administrative pages of this site, including this one, were carefully drafted with the help of an attorney. We at have paid to license the use of these legal notices and administrative pages on for your protection and ours. The information is not to be used for any purpose in any way and any illegal usage is monitored by Copyscape to identify violators.


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